Estate & Personal Property Appraisal Services

Appraisals are provided for private individuals, Family and Elder law attorneys, Probate Courts, and Insurance adjusters.
Appraisal Services provides an expert confidential opinion in the form of documentation that identifies your property with a definitive value, based on research of the appropriate marketplace.

An appointment will be scheduled for an agreeable date and time. Upon arrival I will perform a cursory walk-through to determine the scope of the appraisal assignment.
I use my laptop computer to input descriptions in full detail, with room identification. In addition, representative photographic images are then taken that will become part of your appraisal document.
Descriptions are based on the object's identity which includes backstamps, signatures, labels and manufacturer's marks.
Consideration is made to the quality, style, condition, medium, construction material, rarity, and size of the property being appraised.
The market research may involve field research, consulting current price guides, online membership sources for current sales data, or any combination of these methods, as well as consultation with outside experts when necessary. Research involves the study of identifying marks, the style, condition and dating of objects, be they art, collectibles or furnishings.

I take pride in my appraisal product, and always strive to provide the most comprehensive reports to serve my client’s needs.

Upon completion of the appraisal report(s), I provide two original copies of the formal document, with representative images. The document is structured for the layperson’s use and corporate clients as well with required verbage under the direction of  appraisal organizations.

Fees for appraisal reports are billed at an hourly rate, not on a percentage of value. Opinions of Value are based on individual item quotes. Contact me for a written appraisal estimate.

I have twenty five years of expertise in the Antiques and Estate Liquidation Service industry.