• Is there a minimum amount of items I need in order for you to conduct an on-site estate sale? Yes, there is a minimum. When we come out to make the initial assessment we well go over the details. We sell the entire contents of your home, NOT individual pieces of furniture or items.
  • Do I have to pay any upfront money or fees? No, all fees are collected at the end of the sale.
  • How do you get paid the fee to conduct the estate sale? We operate on a commission basis. We receive a percentage of the gross sales as payment for our services.
  • How does the estate sale process work? Once the initial assessment is completed, the contract is signed, and the sale date is set, we get into gear. We come in the week of the scheduled estate sale and do the "setup and pricing." This usually takes 2-3 days to complete. We take photographs the sale once it is all set up.  We then send out an email to our 3200+ customers. The email has a link to a photo slideshow of the individual items in the sale. This way our customers get a preview of the items included in the sale. Depending on the size of the sale, the sale is conducted over a two day period . We conduct morning hours and evening hours (seasonal) for each sale.  The prices set are set firm with no discounts for the first days sessions, we reduce the prices on the second day. All sales are cash and carry and we do not accept checks however we do accept major credit cards for purchases over $100.00.
  • How do I get paid for the items sold during the sale? At the conclusion of the sale, you are paid in cash for the sale proceeds. You will receive an itemized list of all large items sold during the sale. Small items are categorized as miscellaneous for accounting purposes.
  • Do I sign a contract? Yes you sign a simple one page contract authorizing us to conduct an onsite estate sale on your behalf. Everything is spelled out in black and white. This contract gives us your authorization and permission to be on the premises and sell your items for you.
  • If I am the executor of an estate how do I hire your services?
      Once you have received the documentation from Probate  
      court which appoints you as executor or executrix, we then can come out and complete an initial     
      assessment for you.
  • Can I remove items from the sale prior to the sale? No, once I have done the initial assessment  you cannot remove items from the sale unless there is a prior agreement to do so for a particular item or items. You are welcome to add items to a sale at any time. The reason you are not permitted to remove any items is because when you do so, you reduce the amount of items being sold and you reduce the dollar revenues and commissions for the sale.
  • Can I have family members come in prior to the estate sale being conducted? Yes, it is only fair that family members be allowed in prior to the sale to purchase family mementos and items. Once the sale is "setup and priced" we can make arrangements to have family members come in for a viewing.The items sold to family members are considered part of the sale revenues.
  • Do I have to help in the setup process? No, we take care of all of the setup, pricing and conducting the sale.
  • Can I attend the estate sale? You are certainly welcome to attend the sale. But I do ask that if  you have an emotional attachment to the home and items, that you may want to consider asking a family member or friend to attend in your presence.
  • Do you advertise your services?  No we do not. We accept clients on a referral basis only.
  • What happens to the items that I cannot sell at the estate sale?  We do not dispose of any unsold items. We have a very reputable local disposal service that will clean out the remaining items from your home for a fee. They will even clean the home for you as well for a small fee. At the conclusion of the sale we will provide you with their contact information.